Our security rules

Driving in karting is prohibited for:

• Adults who, for medical reasons, do not have a driving license
• Minors who, for medical reasons, cannot ride a bicycle
• People under 1m20
• People with anemia, heart, respiratory or back problems
• People who have unexpectedly lost consciousness in the past 5 years
• Pregnant women
• People with more than 0.5 per thousand alcohol in their blood
• People under the influence of drugs

Your equipment for kart racing:

• You will need to wear a closed helmet with a visor. Wearing a balaclava is mandatory.
• It is forbidden to wear open shoes and/or heels.
• It is forbidden to wear a scarf, tie or other clothing likely to hang on the back of the kart.
• Long hair cannot come out of the helmet.
• The belt is compulsory.

How to drive a kart:

• Left pedal = brake
• Right pedal = accelerate
• Both hands must always remain on the steering wheel.
• Do not press the 2 pedals simultaneously.

It is strictly prohibited:

• get out of your kart on the circuit.
• to hit the sides of the circuit or in the other karts.
• that children smaller than 1.45m ride with adult go-karts.
• ignore the advice of the marshals.
• ignore the flags and runway lights.
• to consume drinks on the track.
• disrespectfully use of material.

Your behavior while driving:

• Any unsportsmanlike or aggressive behaviour will be directly penalised
• We recommend that pilots who are unsure of themselves to drive on the outside lines and move instinctively in passing areas. So they don’t disturb other pilots.
• If you have an inexperienced pilot in front of you, give them time to go to the side. And don’t push them!
• Try not to slide. This will slow you down, you will have uncontrolled and unpredictable driving, which usually causes stops.
• How to take a turn without sliding: if necessary, slow down in a straight line before the turn, so as not to brake in it. At the exit of the corner, when your steering wheel is straight again, you can accelerate.

The flags:

• The yellow flag indicates a danger on the track. You must slow down, raise your hand and overtaking is prohibited until further notice.
• The blue flag means that there is one or more faster rider (s) behind you. Move to the outside of the next turn, and let the faster pilot (s) pass.
• The red flag indicates a serious danger on the track. You must slow down, raise your hand, overtaking is prohibited and you must return to the pits in slow motion. It also indicates the end of the session. In case of doubt, follow the instructions of the marshals.
• The checkered flag indicates the end of the race. Carefully enter the pits.
• The green flag indicates the start of a session or that everything is in order on the track.
• The orange flag is a warning to you that your riding is not appropriate.
• The black flag indicates that you are excluded from the race because your driving style is unsportsmanlike or too aggressive. Please return to the pits carefully.