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Adults sessions

Come and challenge yourself, alone or with others, in our 10-minute adult sessions.

  • As from 16 years old
  • Or for those under 16 years old with the ” Pilot ” level at the WIK Academy
  • Mandatory membership card: 5,00€/an per year per person.



Pro Sessions (V4)

Have you already ridden in less than 50.500 seconds and you are more than 1m45 tall? Come and compete with other experienced riders during our Pro sessions.

Every other Wednesday from 9pm to 10pm.

Kids & Family

“Fun and safety”
Ride as a family with children under 16 and share these unique moments:

  • 10 minutes
  • Adults allowed
  • From 8 years old, minimum 1m30
  • Reduced speed
  • Membership required: €5.00/year per person
  • Online booking mandatory


WIKI Racer*

Introduce the little ones to the joys of karting with our new track.

The karts are accessible from the age of 3!

*No reservation necessary.

Group formulas

Experience karting like a professional driver! Group formulas let you experience even more thrills! Go through the practice runs, take the first warm-up lap and then take the start in line, just like in a grand prix race.

Book by

Minimum 10 participants.
If more than 15: several groups.

  • E-Sprint Race

    • 10 minutes qualifying
    • 10 minutes race
    • Membership card mandatory (5€/person)


  • E-Long Race

    • 10 minutes qualifying
    • 2 x 10 minutes race
    • Membership card mandatory (5€/person)


  • E-Championship

    • 2 x 10 minutes qualifying
    • 2 x 10 minutes race
    • Membership card mandatory (5€/person)


Looking for more activities? Simulators, team games, billiards… it’s all possible at WIK!


Give your child an unforgettable karting experience for their birthday 🎂 We welcome children aged 8 to 16, measuring at least 1.30 metres.

Our packages are designed for groups of between 6 and 10 children, ensuring a fun and competitive atmosphere.

  • Speedy Birthday

    • 20 minutes of karting
    • 40 minutes of racing simulators
    • Two jugs of water with grenadine and mint
    • Reserved table

    299.00€ for 6 children - 35.00€ for each additional child

  • Happy Karting

    • 30 minutes of karting, including one 10-minute race
    • 40 minutes of racing simulators
    • A podium of grand champions with results presentation
    • Decorated birthday table with board games
    • Three jugs of homemade iced tea, water with grenadine and mint

    399.00€ for 6 children - 35.00€ for each additional child

Our restaurant serves delicious homemade cakes.

If you prefer to bring your own cake, a cover charge of 2.50 euros per person will be applied.

Reservations by

WIKI Racer

Are you under 8? Want to ride like the big boys? Wiki is waiting for you on our new track without reservation.

  • Wiki racer

    • You can ride alone or with an adult!
    • 10 sessions purchased = 1 session free
    • No reservation required during all our opening hours
    • Membership card not required

    One session (5 minutes) = €6

  • Wiki Birthday

    • 2 x 5-minute runs
    • Private room
    • 40 minutes of animated games
    • Decorated birthday table
    • 3 jugs with water and syrup
    • Chocolate cake


PMR and Biplace

Too young for family sessions, or want to experience the thrills without driving? Our two-seater kart is the solution.

Our PMR kart, karting for everyone. Thanks to its steering wheel-mounted controls, everyone can now enjoy the WIK experience.

  • Kart PMR

    • Steering wheel-mounted joysticks
    • Membership card mandatory

    1 session: 18€ / 2 sessions: 34€ / 3 sessions : 49€

  • Biplace

    • Children can be passengers from age 6 AND 1m20 in family sessions, and from age 12 and 1m30 in adult sessions. The pilot must be of legal age.
    • Membership card mandatory

    1 session: 20€ / 2 sessions: 38€ / 3 sessions : 55€

Reservations by e-mail or by telephone 010417577


Do you dream of slipping into Verstappen’s shoes? Thanks to racing simulation, you can now slip into the shoes of a driver hurtling along at over 300 km/h!

Our hall has 10 racing simulators.

Reservations by e-mail or telephone 010417577.

  • Individual sessions

    • Take part in a 20-minute race with friends and try to be the first to cross the finish line
    • From 1 to 10 riders


  • Room privatization

    • Take on your colleagues/friends on the world's greatest circuits with our 10 simulators
    • Maximum 10 pilots

    100€/30 minutes

WIK Championship

Want to take on our best V4 racers? Want to experience the madness of our races?

The WIK championship is for you! Stop wasting time and come and beat the others!

On the program: 45′ of riding with lots of surprises in store!


Every other Tuesday from 6.30pm.

Junior, Senior & Heavy categories.

Registration required on the SWS website

WIK Academy & WIK Coaching

WIK Academy

The WIK Academy offers professional coaching for kart drivers of all levels. We benefit from the experience of Belgian professional drivers who have won several titles. We cover all the important elements: fair play, trajectory, braking points, overtaking, gliding, body position, hand placement and race spirit.


WIK Coaching

No more being teased by friends for finishing ahead of you!

Personalized coaching on technique, mastery and the adventure of motorsport.

  • WIK Academy

    • From 8 to 16 years old / min. height 1.30m
    • Every 2nd Sunday from 08:00 to 12:00
    • Maximum 12 riders per group
    • 3 x 15-minute rides
    • Individual briefing after each session


  • WIK coaching

    • From 16 years old
    • One Tuesday a month from 8:30 to 10:00 pm
    • Maximum 12 riders per group
    • 3 x 15-minute rides
    • Individual briefing after each session


Our coach

  • Reno Chevalier
  • Bastien Van Overstraeten
  • Alexis Guillaume
  • Jules Lannoye
  • Kylian Stordeur
  • Youri Actergal
  • Emilien Verachtert

Book your session ahead or subscribe.

Online booking is mandatory. Payment only by Bancontact, Visa and Mastercard.

  • 100% Electric

    Our batteries are recharged thanks to our solar panels.

  • Fast Track

    PGK Design track with special resin and Impact Absorption System.

  • Modern Space

    Walkway, changing rooms, showers, sportsbar, briefing room and terrace.

  • Corporate

    Do you want to create an event for your company?